Bostads AB Mimer

  • Project: Bostads AB Mimer
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Year: 2004
  • Client: Bostads AB Mimer

The municipal housing company in the town of Västerås have a housing stock of more than 12 000 dwellings. The company was curious about what role lighting design could play in different kinds of housing estates in different parts of the town.

Olsson & Linder worked with the following housing estates: One in a suburb - Million Housing Programme (1960s building program), another one in a suburban centre outside of the city and a third one in the inner-city area.

Olsson & Linder also took part in an action plan for the renovation of entrances to the high-rise blocks in a suburban area outside the town.

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Bostads AB Mimer, BäckbyBostads AB Mimer, PettersbergBostads AB Mimer, Pettersberg