Love & Light 2009

  • Project: Love & Light i Helsingborg
  • Type :Outdoor
  • Year: 2009
  • Client: AB Helsingborgshem

"Love & Light" is the name of Helsingborgs new large light festival that opened February 14, 2009 and to last for eight days.

Love & Light is a part of the process of creating a vibrant city center and it is a collaboration between the City, Cultural Services, City Association, property owners and many other stakeholders.

"Love & Light" as a project means that artist and lighting designers work with light fittings and lighting of art that will surprise and illuminate the city.

Olsson & Linder wanted to create a cosy residential area with an intimate courtyard feeling which exudes warmth, security and attraction. The light had to be a positive contribution to the residential area features during hours of darkness.

In addition to being a part of the temporary arrangement "Love & Light" the transformation “Houses that love you back” of the residential area was permanented.


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Love & LightLove & LightLove & Light
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