A social dimension to lighting design

Lighting design is about creativity! Lighting design is about people!
Lighting design is about people’s needs and requirements in their daily life!

Lighting design is also about attitude, approach and a different way of working: to create ideas and innovative solutions with all sorts of materials.

Despite the fact that it’s possible to save energy in almost every project that we have been involved in, our main focus is on the social aspects of lighting design: to work with and for the people.

We have worked a lot with the large housing estates and the suburbs from the Million Housing Programme (1960s building programme) in Sweden and the work have included a struggle against social exclusion in socially disadvantaged areas.
Every bigger city has, aside from areas where better situated people live, its socio-critical areas.
In co-operation with private and municipal housing companies we are making inventories and developing lighting design plans. We are also engaged in renovation and refurbishment projects in the outdoor environment together with a commitment to safety and comfort in the suburbs.
We do not only have a theoretical understanding of this topic. We are also involving the people in the neighbourhoods in the space and in the projects. This is our way to decentralise the overall picture.
Successful projects we have been involved in have been widely acclaimed on both a national and international scale.

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A social dimension to lighting design