Kristianstad Kommun, Education.


The municipality of Kristianstad are working on a project in the district Charlottesborg. The district is a residential area which is the home of people from many different nationalities. The area is a park that they are about to renovate. An important goal for them in this project is to make people feel safe in the park.

The municipality has received funding from the National Board of Housing to raise the knowledge and skills in the context of a gender perspective. It will also be security issues into the picture.

The municipality’s request to Olsson & Linder is if we can help them with training in how to think in terms of lighting for parks, urban areas, etc. to give the park both an aesthetic touch and a sense of security. They also want to link this to their current project in Charlottesborg Park. A practical application of training. The group consists of persons engaged in the planning of green areas in the technical management in Kristianstad.

Olsson & Linder´s educational program is both theoretical and practical and contains, besides a variety of lectures, practical workshops in different parts of Kristianstad.