Workshop "Transition"


“The important thing is not to be the biggest and best of the world, but to be best for the world”. This is the essence of the approach to lighting design of Erik Olsson and Jöran Linder, tutors of the Lighting Academy Workshop Light in transition developed in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen.

Scheduled from October 10 to 14, the Workshop in Sundholm (Amager) focuses on how, with the combination of lighting design in a broad sense (material, colour, shape, etc.) we can highlight future transformations and create unique features in an area of the city during a transition period between planning and implementation. A long process that often run for several years and that the residents in the area have little or no access to. You see no change and find it that ‘nothing happens’.

The workshop's goal, whose key words are attraction, engagement and communication, is to develop concrete proposals and ideas that can be made on site during this transition period.