City Planners' Forum


Wednesday, 28. October, 2009 and prior to the three-day Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC in Berlin, the PLDC team will be staging a one-day forum dedicated to urban planners and decision makers at local government level. The forum will comprise lectures on Urban Lighting Strategies: What they are and what benefits they incorporate; reports on Urban Lighting Solutions that demonstrate the economic and social benefits of designed lighting schemes; real information about Energy Issues: What is energy efficient lighting, which technologies are sustainable and what perspectives do LEDs offer?

The CPF will also offer a first-time-ever opportunity for public clients to meet lighting consultants and designers in a unique Client Meets

Internationally renowned speakers will give lectures on and discuss the topics stated above. The pre-convention meeting is a joint project of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, PLDA, the Lighting Urban Community International, LUCI and VIA-Publishing.

Olsson & Linder are one of the speakers at the following session: Responsibility towards the population and the environment: Social identity and energy issues.