Municipal housing company


Hovsjö is a so-called “miljonprogram” area in Södertälje, built 1973-1975.

In the residential area there are about 6 000 people living in a small area.

Telge Hovsjö AB was founded in 2007. During 2007/2008, a planning work carried out with a vision of a long-term development. It covers both social / cultural activities and physical action in the form of renovation, improvement in the energy and the densification of buildings.

Telge Hovsjö owns and manages housing, schools and kindergartens in the district Hovsjö. The company's board will have many issues to work with. The residents of Hovsjö will be in the majority of the board (which is very rare) and will therefore have a major influence on the development of the residential area.

Telge Hovsjö has decided to begin a co-operation with Olsson & Linder.